Outlander Fan Events

Several people have asked me about the opportunities to meet the cast of Outlander.  They want to know how to know which events to go to and how to spend the most time with the cast.  I will share what I have learned over the last two and a half years. This is by no means perfect advice.  Each person has to determine what they want most, and how much money they are willing to spend.

There are basically two types of events:

1.  Corporate Events – often these are cons. As in Comic Con (convention). These events often host more than one fandom.  I attended Emerald Con in Seattle and Jibland in Rome last year.  There were many TV shows/movies represented at Emerald Con (over 60,000 people).  The activities were in 2 buildings and we had to pay attention to schedules and rom numbers.  At Jibland there were about 5 TV shows represented.   The new Creation Outlander events are Outlander only.

To attend a con you can buy a basic ticket and then purchase autographs and pictures.  Prices for the Con ticket to get in vary from $100 to $1,000 or more.  Prices range from $25 to $80 for each autograph and $80 to $110 for solo pictures and $150 – $250 for group pictures.  Each Con’s prices are different.

You can also buy packages- such as Platinum, Gold, Silver or Copper etc.  The packages vary in cost but usually are $250 to $1,000 or more.  The packages usually contain pictures and autographs.

The higher level packages may allow you to attend a party or other exclusive activity with the stars.  They also allow you to cut to the front of the picture and autograph lines.  At a con you can expect to stand in long lines for pictures and autographs.  If you get several pictures that means that you will stand in line many times.

If you have purchased multiple autographs of a star, you can have them all signed at once.  However, if you have purchased autographs for multiple stars, you will stand in line multiple times.  Occasionally two or more stars will be in the same room and you can move from one to the other.

Getting the top level ticket, will insure that you do not stand in line very much, and it gives you the most access to the stars.  Regular tickets usually get you no more than 30-45 seconds for each picture and about the same for autographs.  If you have multiple autographs with one star, you will get more time with them. but probably 3 minutes tops.

Some events have Meet and Greets – These are 20 – 40 minute sessions (depends on the event) of 5-20 people and one of the stars.  You get to ask questions of the stars.  At Sasnak City we also got to take a selfie with the star. The cost of Meet and Greets run from $80 to $150 and are usually not included in a package.

2.  Fan run events– I have attended three of these. In general, they are smaller events that focus only on Outlander.  They definitely have a different vibe and are a lot of fun. They are done from a love of Outlander.  These wonderful people are fans first and foremost, and do their best to see to it that the fans have a great time, meet other fans and meet the stars of Outlander.

These events rely on volunteer help, and do their best to keep costs reasonable.  Anyone who thinks they are making money, needs to think again.  They must pay for the actors appearance fees, their travel, lodging, meals and other expenses.  They must pay for the venue, printing costs, food and drinks for attendees and other costs associated with the event.  They deserve our thanks for all the hard work they do to make these events special.

Outlander in the City – There have been three of these events in New York City.  Outlander Homepage and Outlander Forever were the hosts. These events were for an evening (3 hours or so) cocktail party.  The evening cocktail party tickets were all the same price.  There were selfies and the stars autographed a picture prior to the event that those attending received.  No autographing was done at the event. 

These were terrific events, and a great opportunity to meet the stars and speak with them briefly.  They also raised money for the stars’ chosen charities.  The stars have really been appreciative of this aspect of these events. Outlander in the City has provided  amazing evenings of Outlander fun for the participants and the Outlander cast members.  

 Sasnak City Event – This was a 3-day event held in Kansas City, with 8 actors in attendance.  Gina Phipps-Hubbell headed up a team of amazing volunteers for this fan run event. There were different levels of tickets for the event with various prices.  The more expensive the tickets the more you got to do.

The Sasnak City event was unique because two ticket levels had multiple opportunities to interact with the actors for longer than the time it takes to snap a picture or sign an autograph.  The top ticket level had several additional opportunities to interact with the actors. The other two ticket levels could purchase meet and greets. The stars had a great time, and all said they would come back. What a great recommendation!

Through The Stones – held in Davenport, Iowa usually in late November or early December.  It is hosted by Debbie Ford and her two sisters.   I have not attended this event.  However, I know they do lots of fun things like trivia contests and classes on various topics that are Outlander related.  This year Edward Spellers (Steven Bonet) will be the guest.

The Gathering on the Ridge – held at The Mast Farm Inn in North Carolina and hosted by Kim Stuart Puhrmann.  This event includes The Grandfather Mountain Gathering, Outlander related classes, hikes, and an Outlander guest.  This year the guest is David Berry.  I’m attending this event this year and am really looking forward to it.

Outlandish Vancouver – which last year included David Berry and Diana Gabaldon as guests is hosted by Koko Pipkin.  Pictures from last year’s event looked like everyone was having a great time, and her guests were terrific.  No one better than herself and Lord John Grey!

This list of Outlander fan run events is not exhaustive.   There may be others that I have not listed.


  • Decide what is important to you and whether or not you are willing to stand in line.
  • Decide if you are willing to travel alone and meet other fans.
  • Decide if you are willing to share a hotel room with someone you do not know in case you have to go by yourself.  (It’s a great way to meet new friends).
  • Determine your budget ahead of time.
  • Carefully read what is included with the various ticket levels.
  • Act quickly if you want a top level package. They sell out fast.
  • Decide what you want to get autographed. Remember it has to go in your suitcase.  Sometimes the pictures that are taken at the con are available immediately so you can get them autographed.  But have a back-up plan in case something happens.
  • Take sharpies for the stars to use. They usually have them, but be prepared.
  • Be friendly, patient and flexible.  Sometimes schedules change, room numbers change so pay attention and listen to announcements and be flexible.
  • Sometimes the actor you purchased your ticket to see, may cancel.  Remember an actors filming schedule can change.  It is beyond their control.  Do not send them a hateful tweet.  Do not scream at the people in charge of the event.  They can’t control it either.  Take a deep breath and know that the provider is going to try to get a replacement guest.  If they can’t get one, your money for pictures, autographs and Meet and Greets, will probably be returned, but not your ticket to the event.
  • Be appreciative of all the actors and express that appreciation.  Do not complain to them about anything.  These people work hard and deserve our upmost respect.  Also be respectful and appreciative of the people who work so hard to make these events happen.
  • Behave with dignity and respect at all times.

We always try to get the information for the events in Clan Heughan as soon as possible.  We will post in the group, and we have a great spreadsheet of events with links done by Samantha Kraupner in our files.  Samantha updates it when new info comes in.